• Chase Blackwood

Book 4: Dimutia


I don't write many blog entries. One, I don't much to care to fill your email boxes with my random thoughts, and two, at times I can be rather inundated with work.

That being said, I have received numerous emails asking when Book 4 will be released. So, I will address that question as best as I can. First, I will begin by releasing the cover art I created, "Dimutia, Book 4: Kan Savasci Cycle." This will likely be the final cover image.

As for the question at hand, I do not have a firm release date. In fact, originally I had planned for a release of fall 2022, giving myself enough time to complete the book, comb over it multiple times and do my best to ensure a quality piece, as well give my beta readers enough time to read and give feedback. That being said, the pandemic has allowed me some unforeseen writing time. I have written nearly half of the book (Parts 1 and 2 are currently with beta readers, and are 95% complete - I like to go back and do some more fixes after later pass through reads). Optimistically I could be done and publish as early as next year, 2021.

The complications. Book 4 will probably, be the longest in the Kan Savasci Cycle. It seems each book gets progressively a little longer. This book will jump around more (geographically), which always slows my writing. I go through a detailed process of understanding and building the location on paper and in my head (buildings, places of interest, history of location, religion, economy, cultural factors, etc). This requires some time, contemplation, and research. Furthermore, I do the same for any new characters introduced. In the end, most places and people are an amalgam of people I've met, places I've traveled to, lived in, coupled with my fascination for history, fiction I've read, and a vivid imagination.

Last, a positive note. The feedback I have received from my beta readers regarding Part 1 has been very positive. I've been told it's filled with action and unexpected surprises.

I promise to not take as long as some better known fantasy authors who write full time. I will, however, not be as quick as some prolific authors. My goal is to write something worthy reading. To that affect, the Kan Savasci Cycle has been a grand epic with interwoven story lines across two timelines that requires a little more attention with each book. This is done to ensure continuity and flow, and as always, an attempt at making them beautiful.

PS Feel free to comment, let me know what you think of the cover design.


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