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A list of terms from the Kan Savasci Cycle and their definitions.

Agathonian: of or having to do with Agathon (e.g. Witches of Agathon).

Ancien: believed to be the first men.

Annalist: an old title for a Chronicler of History, who employs “blood magic,” to scribe the truth.

Archon: Governor in the Templas Empire.

Arkein: anything having to do with a system of “magic” involving the hidden principles of vibration.

Arkeinist: one who wields the arkein (aka a mage, a wizard, a magician).

Basilisk: a massive snake-like creature found in the deep A’sh.

Bit: equals 10 drams.

Blud: soulless men, also known as night wanderers, who only kill during a full moon.

Bocain: the holy book of the prophet Sha’a, sacred to those in Q’Bala. Written Bocain, pronounced, Bocian.

Bodigan: of or having to do with Bodig (the middle Kingdom).

Book of Khein: Holy book for the Holy Order of Sancire.

Caliph: King in the D’seart Kingdoms of the A’sh.

Cavii: an ancient group, indigenous to the Draccus Ridge area of Sawol.

Chimera: a shape-shifting demon, infected soul from Templas.

Consumption: a generic term for most any illness that is not well understood.

Dalaketnon: a powerful demon.

Draccus Fiend: A dragon.

Draccus Weasel: a large predator found near Draccus Ridge in Sawol, known for their howls, which sound like crying children.

Dram: the lowest denomination of Imperial Standard currency.

Dup Shimati: also known as the scrolls of destiny. The three scrolls held by the old gods, stated to hold the key to incredible power.

Goblin: also known as discarded children, consumed with evil, eat living flesh.

Gold Dinar: equal to two silver dinar and two bits, or 100 drams.

Harpie: Bird-witches of Dimutia.

Hearvest: Autumn.

Holy Order of Sancire: Part of the over-arching Church of Salvare.

Imperial Standard or Heortian Standard: monetary system of Heorte, consisting of drams, bits, silver and gold dinars.

Jal: A title given by royal decree as opposed to birth, involving land and a position of power.

Kalon Flower: considered one of the most beautiful flowers to those in the Gwhelt.

Lenton: Spring.

Manticore: many believe to be a mythological beast, with three rows of teeth, a large powerful body similar to an oversized lion, clawed. In Varna, thought to have wings.

Mara: a specter or spirit of confusion, who clouds the mind and takes memories.

Mystics: a group, comprised mainly of Modern Calenites, fanatical in their belief to find a new home.

Pathach: a person prophesized to lead the defense of Verold against the old gods.

Proto-men: believed to predate the Ancien (or the first men).

Scapan: The old gods, aka The Thirteen: Anat, Ansuz, Baal, Balder, Bellas, Enlil, Gauri, Ghut, Huta, Kegal, Kurat, Marduk, and Zhov.

Sigloi: the currency of the D’seart Kingdoms.

Silver Dinar: equal to four bits, or 40 drams.

Sumor: Summer.

Syrinx: also known as Defenders, members of a secretive organization, from the First Circle from the Tower of the Arkein, who’s main mission is to check the powers of the gods.

Templas: Both a location, eastern most continent of Verold, and an adjective describing anything from the continent of Templas.

Three Kingdoms: comprises the kingdoms of Gemynd (in the north), Bodig (in the center), Sawol (to south), located on the continent of the Imperium.

Troglodytes: cave people of Dimutia.

Vintas: Winter.

Wildmen: a term often used to describe those from the Gwhelt.

Yeren: an ape-like creature, who has the ability to see a few seconds into the future.

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"An incredibly fantastic journey of a young slave warrior struggling with his sense of self in a world of epic conflict."

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