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A list of places within Verold for the Kan Savasci Cycle and their descriptions.


Adumbrate: An administrative region, and minor kingdom in northern Templas.


Agathon: Once a great city within the administrative region of Adumbrate, in Templas.


A’sh: The deserts east of Sha’ril.


Barre Mountains: Smaller mountain range, east of the Shrouded Mountains, home of the Thane Sagan and Guelder tribes.


Barling: A smaller city in The Plains, within the greater kingdom of Bodig. Famous for their sarcasm.


Berkshire: A small township along the Great North South Road, north of Bodig, south of Nailsea.


Bodig: Both the capitol city of the Kingdom of Bodig, and the kingdom itself.

Bryn Yawr: Capitol of the Fold, an azure city at the foot of the Rainbow Mountains. One of Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.


Calen: The ruined city that once was the seat of the great Calenite Empire.


Chur: A city north of Q’Bala, on the route to Sawol and to Bodig, famous as a trading crossroads.


Dath River: The river separating the Gemynd Kingdom to the north, and the Bodigan Kingdom to the south.


Dimutia: Western most continent of Verold, largely untamed, and inhabited by multiple tribes.


Draccus Ridge: A lone mountain range within the center of Sawol, famous for draccus weasels, and within the foothills rests the Monastery of the Cave.


D’seart: The Greater area of the A’sh, containing the kingdoms of Q’Bala and Sha’ril, and the Eastern Caliphate.


Fire Mines of Janam: Deep within the A’sh, famous for mining flavored salts for the rich.


Free City of Q’Bala: Within the D’seart Kingdoms Area. Famous for their relative seclusion.


Gemynd: Both the capital city and northern kingdom within the Three Kingdoms area.


Gwhelt: The area of the Wildmen, encompassing mountainous areas and great valleys.

Hanging Bridges of Umbra: Southern part of the Fold, suspended between pillars of stone. One of Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.


Imperium: The central continent within Verold, home to the Three Kingdoms, the Gwhelt, and D’seart.


Imp’s Landing: The main port for the Isle of Galdor. Famous for its trade in cocoa.


Isle of Fire: A cold, often frozen, northern continent, where the draccus fiend was thought to originate.


Isle of Galdor: Home to Imp’s Landing and the University of Galdor. A tropical environment.


Kynd’s Point: The largest city east of the Capital city of Gemynd (aka Blue City). Located at foothills of Kynd Mountains.


Louko: A southern kingdom, and major city in Templas.

Lufian River: Runs down Mystes Mountain and splits, forming boundary to Aria Plains.


Mende: One of two mini-kingdoms in eastern Gemynd.


Monastery of the Cave: White priestess located there, found near Draccus Ridge, within Sawol.


Nailsea: Famed for the twin statues of the old gods Anat and Baal, renamed by the Holy Order of Salvare as Dominer and Sha’a. Famous for market.

Opal Bridge: Spans Lufian River partway up Mystes Mountain. Site of a thousand rainbows. One of the Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.


Petra’s Landing: Northern most city in Gemynd, major harbor at the north of Lake Stevol, and on the Black Sea.

Plains of Aria: Southern part of the Fold, filled with deadly razor grass. One of Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.

Rainbow Mountains: Surround Bryn Yawr, one of Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.

River Lif: The dividing line between Bodig to the north and Sawol to the south.


Roewold: Where the Wildmen of Northeastern Gwhelt live.

Quietus Pillars: Rocky pillars found in the south of the Fold. One of the Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.


Sawol: Translates to soul from the old tongue. Both the capitol and kingdom south of the River Lif. Capital known as the White City.


Savikko: Capital of the Templas Empire.

Sculptured Garden of Sorrow: Southern Fold. One of the Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.


Sha’ril: Capital of the Sha’ril Caliphate, and the seat for the Caliph of the A’sh.


Shrouded Mountains: Vast mountain range, separating the Gwhelt from the east with the Three Kingdoms to the west. Home of the Witches of Agathon.

Skadoian Valley: At the heart of the Fold, contains hidden labyrinth, one of the Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.


Somerset: Small city in the Plains of Bodig, famous for pottery.


S’Velt: The valley near the home of the Thane Sagan.


S’Vothe: Home of the Thane Sagan, within the foothills of the Barre Mountains.


Templas: Eastern continent within Verold.

Temple of Gehenna: The gateway to hell, also known as Bellas' Curse, within Bryn Yawr. One of Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.

Ten Thousand Steps of Mystes Mountain: Lead up Mystes Mountain to the Tower of the Arkein, an opal pathway. One of the Thirteen Wonders of the Fold.

Tree of Forgotten Children: Attracts life through its siren song, ultimately to their death. Found in the Aria Plains. One of the thirteen Wonders of the Fold.

Tower of the Arkein: A secret university within the Fold where the arkein is taught.


Treton: Comprising both new and old Treton, rests along Great North South Road.


The Plains: The vast agricultural area west of the capital city of Bodig, within the Bodigan Kingdom.


Water’s Gate: The western most city in Bodig, a trading port, along the Imperium Gulf.

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"One of our top 100 fantasy series of all time. If you’re looking for a not-too-daunting intro to epic fantasy, this series is the way to go."


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"An incredibly fantastic journey of a young slave warrior struggling with his sense of self in a world of epic conflict."

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