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Gemynd is the northern most kingdom of Heorte. It resides north of Bodig and Sawol, within the Heorte Empire. It's capital is called Gemynd, but more commonly known as the Blue City, also referred to as City of Islands and the City That Never Forgot.

The major cities are: Kieve, Kynd’s Point, Sydon, Petra’s Landing, Treton (and older Fallen City of Treton), and of course, the capital: Gemynd.

The main districts are: Gemynd Proper, Mende, Winter’s Bind, and Staggered Falls.

A brief history of the early peoples in order of arrival are: Pre-first age (The Ancien). The Ancien were believed to have sprouted from the earth, and only the oldest families claim their lineages to the Ancien. For most of first age the Wildmen from the east occupied much of eastern Gemynd, but eventually interbred, and wove their way into the population and faded as a major power. Some of their language and customs can still be seen. Last, the Mendian from west were thought to either be Proto-men or Ancien. They still occupy the west as a stubborn people, locked in a thousand year war. Two great houses Mende and Winter's Bind, broken apart by Ella of Winter's bind, have yet to reconcile their differences.

Languages: Mendian, Heortian

Religions: Mystics, Holy Order of Salvare

Money: Heorte Standard (dram, bit, silver dinar, gold dinar)


Grains: wheat, rye, barley

Fine steel: swords, knives, scissors, wheel bands, jewelry, armor

Major Houses:

Bristol: Mills, Second largest blacksmith in Gemynd

Cox: Sheep, Mills, Silos

Harland: Mines, three smithies

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