• Chase Blackwood

New Cover Art

I wanted to write a short blog, letting you all know that I've redone my book covers for Tears of a Heart, Tower of the Arkein, and Into the Fold. As many of you know, I do my own cover art. Unlike writing and editing, I've spent far less time developing this skill set. However, I always had a vision for artwork that spoke more to the imagination, was mysterious and beautiful and fantastical. I also wanted a more cohesive theme in cover design, so that it was obvious someone was reading the Kan Savasci Cycle.

Therefore, I spent the last several days working on the cover art and republishing my books. Over the next few days Amazon should work on updating the sales pages to reflect these changes. My website already has been changed to reflect the new cover artwork.

On a different note, I received an interesting email from a fan, following up from a prior email. It was regarding audio books. I've received many emails now about audio books. I never moved forward because the cost to make one doesn't currently make financial sense (FYI it's over $2,000 per book). This person suggested a gofundme page. I'd never thought of that with any seriousness. But, that being said, it was a brilliant idea that I may explore. I've zero experience in gofundme, so it will be something I will look into and better understand before even attempting to create a page.

Last, now that my cover art creation spree is over, back to writing...


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