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Fantastical Creatures of Verold and the Fold

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Within the enchanting world of Verold (of the Kan Savasci Cycle), a captivating array of fantastical creatures are introduced. These creatures, steeped in mystique and lore, contribute to the tapestry of this richly imagined realm. Here is a glimpse into some of the remarkable beings that inhabit Verold, and the hidden realm of the Fold.

Basilisk: In the forgotten depths of the A’sh Desert, the Basilisk slumbers. With reptilian scales and a serpent's body, it is a creature of darkness that has struck fear into the traders of the deep desert. Legends warn of entire caravans disappearing, as it skulks about the Fire Mines of Janam. The Basilisk is both feared and revered, a testament to the boundaries between life and death, cautioning against the allure of forbidden knowledge.

Blud: In the dark and treacherous corners of the Temple of Gehenna, deep within the Fold, the Blud stalks its prey. A creature born from nightmares, it possesses razor-sharp fangs and claws, its form twisted and monstrous. Cloaked in shadows, the Blud moves with unearthly silence, a phantom of malevolence. It is a relentless hunter, driven by an insatiable thirst for blood. Legends speak of its ability to shape-shift, blending seamlessly into the night, leaving only fear in its wake.

Chimera: From the realms of myth and fantasy, the Chimera emerges, a creature of bewildering amalgamation. Although described as having the body of a lion, the head of a goat, and the tail of a serpent, its true form is misunderstood. The Chimera is a formidable foe, each of its constituent parts possessing their own unique dangers. It embodies the duality of ferocity and cunning, a creature that challenges the very nature of what is possible.

Dalaketnon: In the depths of ancient forests, the Dalaketnon dances amidst ethereal rays of sunlight. Graceful and elusive, this mystical creature embodies the spirit of nature itself. With verdant skin and delicate wings, it flutters through the foliage, spreading the enchantment of its presence. Dalaketnon are protectors of sacred groves, embodying the balance between flora and fauna. Their whispered melodies carry the secrets of the forest, resonating with the harmony of the natural world.

Draccus Fiend: From the depths of the infernal abyss, the massive Draccus Fiend emerges with wings spread wide, its form wreathed in brimstone and darkness. It is a creature of pure malevolence, exuding an aura of seething fury. With fangs dripping with venom and claws like scythes, the Draccus Fiend hunts with merciless precision. Its presence instills terror, its fiery breath incinerating all in its path. The Draccus Fiend embodies the embodiment of destruction and chaos.

Draccus Weasel: The Draccus Weasel, a peculiar creature of whimsy and danger, scampers through the enchanted woods of Draccus Ridge and skirts the rocky outcroppings of Devil’s Pass. With scaled skin and luminescent eyes, it possesses a mischievous nature. The Draccus Weasel is known for its child-like cries during the darkest nights. While it may appear harmless at first glance, underestimating its cunning and fiery temperament would be a grave mistake.

Goblins: In the labyrinthine depths of the Temple of Gehenna, and found near the Hidden Realms of Dimutia, Goblins scuttle with cunning and mischief. These grotesque creatures with bulbous eyes and gnarled features thrive in the shadows. Agile and resourceful, Goblins are skilled at both thievery and trickery. They revel in chaos, their raucous laughter echoing through the underground caverns they call home. While they may be underestimated, Goblins possess a tenacity that belies their diminutive stature.

Harpy: The Harpy, a creature both captivating and fearsome, takes flight on leathery wings across myth and legend, found both in the Fold and on the continent of Dimutia. With the body of a bird and the twisted face of a disfigured woman, they possess a haunting allure. Known for their seductive songs and piercing cries, Harpies draw both admiration and terror. Legends speak of their relentless pursuit of prey, swooping down with talons sharp as razors. Beware the allure of their enchanting melodies, for those who fall under their spell may face a dark fate.

Manticore: From ancient legends and tales of yore, the Manticore emerges, a creature of monstrous splendor. With the body of an oversized lion, a mouth with rows of teeth, and a tail ending in spines, it embodies raw power. The Manticore is a fearsome predator, its roar sends tremors through the hearts of those who dare to cross its path. With eyes burning like molten fire, it stands as a testament to the untamed forces of nature, a guardian of secrets and a bringer of doom.

Screaming Mara: In the darkest recesses of the night, the Screaming Mara emerges, its wails piercing the veil of silence. It is a creature of dread, shrouded in shadows and haunting dreams. The Screaming Mara embodies the embodiment of nightmares, its presence evoking a sense of unrelenting terror. Its cries carry the weight of forgotten sorrows and the echoes of past tragedies, leaving a chilling imprint on the hearts of those who encounter it.

Thoon: Born from the darkest nightmares, the Thoon hulks through the depths of Verold. A creature of pure malevolence, its large form drips with inky darkness. It thrives on fear and feeds on despair, leaving devastation in its wake. Its very presence twists the minds of those unfortunate enough to witness it, driving them to madness. The Thoon is a creature of chaos, embodying the darkest depths of the human psyche.

Yeren: Deep within the untamed wilderness of Galdor, the Yeren prowls, a creature borne of legend and mystery. Cloaked in shaggy fur, it stands as a symbol of primal strength and adaptability. The Yeren possesses an uncanny ability to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, evading the prying eyes of would-be hunters, as well as the ability to sense the future. It is a creature of myth and elusiveness, reminding us of the vastness and wonder of Verold.

Which mythical creature would you least like to encounter? Which would terrify you the most? And if you had to choose one as as pet, which would you choose?

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