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Updated: Feb 1

Hello dear fans, readers, and visitors to this site. I wanted to provide an update on my progress on Book 4: Dimutia, as well as let you know I've completed a novella set in Verold.

Let me start with my progress on's been rather slow. Don't worry, this is part of my normal writing process, for the most part. After finishing a book, I normally spend some time marketing. I also tend to take a break and collect my thoughts for the next entry. Not to mention, 2020 has been off to a busy and rocky start in regard to international events - for those affected by fires, volcanoes, or war and social upheaval, you've my greatest sympathy.

My dearest fans, rest assured, I will re-start writing "Dimutia" shortly and hope to make my usual, steady progress. Although it is way too early for a finish date, I do hope to publish by 2022. I wanted to let you know, my focus is back on the book.

In other news. I have just finished a novella set in Verold. It is a short novel based on the life of Odilo. For those of you who've read Book 1 of the Kan Savasci Cycle: "Tears of a Heart," you'll already be familiar with the character Odilo.

There are a handful of characters that have a much richer backstory that was only hinted at in the books. I've been itching to write their stories. Odilo was one of them. His story ties several story lines together within the Kan Savasci Cycle. As such, if you hate any kind of spoilers, I'd recommend not reading this book until after Book 3: "Into the Fold." However, if you're okay with minor spoilers, I see no harm in reading it after "Tears of a Heart."

For those that are new to my writing and works, this is a short and simple entry that will give you a taste of my writing style and a taste of the fantasy world: Verold. (Please don't take these blog entries as a taste of my writing...!)

For all those subscribed, I will email you a free PDF and MOBI version of the novella: Odilo, once I'm fully satisfied with it.

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