• Chase Blackwood

Aeden - Kan Savasci

Aeden is a character that transforms over time. We are first introduced to him in “Tears of a Heart” as a young, sickly child nursed to great health, then trained in all aspects of village life, with his greatest focus on martial arts. His coming of age trials were created to shape him into a warrior and a leader.

We get to see some of the early shapers of his life. A distant father, more involved with his role as kovor, than that of parent. Ayleth the Widow, a woman who espouses compassion and understanding over violence. A friend who abhors women, and is quick to argue and fight. Finally, a young woman who fauns for his attention, and teases him into greater levels of deviance.

Yet, despite all this training, he is still a teenager. He is unsure, at times paralyzed by fear, and questions himself and his role in life. When disaster befalls him and those he loves, something in Aeden breaks. He falls back upon his foundation of discipline, backed by an unrelenting anger for his failure. This anger consumes and drives him, and unwittingly sweeps him up in the changing winds of Verold.

As Aeden grows, gaining his name, we see him transform from boy to young man, to monk, to slave, to warrior and student. We see him named the Kan Savasci, Pathach, and Ridere af Tannin (by the Witches of Agathon) and in the “present” timeline through the eyes of the annalist, we see him referred to as the Bane of Verold, and Scourge of Bodig.

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